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Introduction: Rack Con Hilos Para Guantes By AngelB28Follow More by the author: Normalmente tendemos a dejar los guantes tirados en el taller, ya puede ser por descuido o simplemente por no tener un lugar adecuado donde ponerlos,

Introduction: Half Life 2 Glowing Bolt Crossbow By -Selfmade-Follow More by the author: Let’s do it…HALF LIFE STYLE B**CHES ><Glowing tips hurt more than regular tips I thought, so here we go: Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload Teacher Notes

Introduction: Lego Aerobatic Airplane I have a link to a fully built digital version of my airplane on Lego Digital Designer, but you will only be able to access it if you download the program (it’s free).

Introduction: Recirculating Bird Bath/fountain Gather your supplies. I used: a 16″ diameter plastic flower pot with no drainage holes, a submersible pump with a 1/2″ outlet, a 14″ plant saucer into which I drilled several drainage holes

Introduction: Four Ways to Power Up Your Arduino Uno Got your new arduino and want to start making cool projects? Let’s take a look at all the different ways yo can power it up in. The Arduino

Introduction: Jet Propane Torch for Metal Melting Foundry By Make it ExtremeMake it ExtremeFollow More by the author: About: Welcome to the Make it Extreme channel. Our channel aims to provide fun, inspiration and food for thought

Introduction: FlickMote By vignesh3397Follow About: An Enthusiastic Techy.Electronics Engineer More About vignesh3397 » INTRODUCTION Controlling the home appliance and electronic gadgets through an infrared remote control is now general. But the same controlling task can be done

Introduction: Plastic Knife Handle By mhniazFollow More by the author: make your own plastic handle for old knife Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload Teacher Notes Teachers! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to

Introduction: Fantasy Film-Cherry Piece By RebeccaLewis99Follow More by the author: About: Love creating things!! Illustrator and creator. More About RebeccaLewis99 » For this instructable I’ll be telling you on how to use fantasy film, for this piece

Introduction: Paper Scrolls By rockstarzazFollow More by the author: Materials: Paper Wooden dowels (I used cake pop sticks because I didn’t have dowels ) Paint Glue Tea bag Thread/string (optional) Ribbon (optional) Printed template (this template works