#10 Arduino and LED 7-segment Displays Using a MAX7219 – Part 2

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Introduction: #10 Arduino and LED 7-segment Displays Using a MAX7219 – Part 2

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When we left the previous video in this series (#9 Arduino and LED 7-segment displays) we were just touching on the technical details.

So batten down your intellectual hatches as we dive headlong into the MAX7219 datasheet and decrypt the address registers and find out just how easy (yes, really!) it is to tell the MAX7219 what to do.

If you’re stumped by a blank display, or even worse, a display with some rubbish data on it then this video is for you. Example / demo code is included so you can easily follow this yourself.

Enough rambling and on with the video!

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    3 years ago

    Hi, sorry I don’t get YouTube – could you post a link with the actual instructable and Arduino code please.