Fresh Herb Scramble

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Introduction: Fresh Herb Scramble

If you’re Looking for a deliciously fresh twist on regular eggs for breakfast, add a handful of herbs and some cheese to the mix!

This dish is great with toast, pancakes and/or breakfast sausages!

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Step 1: Collect Ingredients

Fresh herbs of your choice- anything fresh will taste great. Here, I used chives, basil, parsley and dill.

I used our chicken eggs (we have bantam hens).

The two cheeses used are organic old cheddar and Gruyere.

Step 2: Chop and Grate

Cut herbs up into fine pieces.

Grate cheese. I used about 1 cup of old cheddar and Gruyere.

Step 3: Crack and Scramble

Crack the eggs into a bowl and scramble them together. Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Add all herbs and cheese and scramble together.

Step 4: Cook Scramble

Add mixture into buttered frying pan at medium hot heat.

Using a spatula, move the egg mixture around the pan keeping it from sticking to the bottom.

Add to plate and eat with toast, pancakes or add to a sandwich.

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