Easy DIY Smiley Face Emoji Easter Eggs

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Decorating eggs is a favorite part of Easter celebrations. This easy DIY smiley face emoji Easter eggs are tons of fun to make, and kids will absolutely love them. Add these to their Easter baskets this year for a fun take on a classic dyed egg. Whether you like to hide eggs for your kids to hunt, or this is just to decorate an Easter basket for them to find on Easter morning, these eggs are a great addition.

Easter egg collage

Smiley Face Emoji Easter Eggs

Every year I try to come up with a new way to decorate Easter eggs for my kids. This year, I decided to use one of my favorite emojis for inspiration. We text and message on messenger all the time, and these little smiles are always making an appearance. So, why not add it to the Easter designs? These are just a fun little addition to a basket and trust me, the kids will absolutely love them.

Emoji Easter eggs on blue egg tray

If you want more egg ideas, I have tons to share with you. Start with this huge list of Easter egg decorating and craft ideas. There are tons of fun ways to dye and decorate eggs there. Of course, while you are making these crafts and fun egg ideas, you need to whip up a batch of these chick and egg sugar cookies.

Yellow Easter egg in blue egg cup

Can I Use Plastic Eggs Instead?

If you prefer not to use real eggs, you can definitely use a plastic egg instead of hard-boiled. In fact, I love the idea of using plastic eggs that I can store away for next year. Just add the faces, then pop candy into them and add to their baskets. Then, you can just drop them into a box and save for next year. What a great way to save time and money from year to year!

Emoji eggs on blue surface

Another fun idea for decorating is this adorable bunny Easter egg design. It’s super easy and fun to add to baskets. You will also love this video tutorial on how to make decorative plastic eggs. These are so easy and great for kids to help you make. Of course, for a more rustic idea, you’ll love this twine-wrapped egg idea.

Yellow eggs on grass with flowers

What if I am Not Good at Freehand Drawing?

Honestly, this is one of the easiest items to draw. Especially if you use the paint pens that I love for projects like this one. That said, if you still feel like you aren’t comfortable actually doing the painting or drawing, you can easily use these emoji face stickers. I found them on Amazon, but you might find them at your local dollar store or even craft store. Peel and stick and make an egg look adorable in seconds!

Another fun idea that doesn’t need any special art skills is this adorable unicorn Easter egg idea. You could even use silk squares to dye Easter eggs for a totally fun way to add color and style to them. Kids especially love these unique ways to make eggs for Easter.

Heart eye emoji egg on blue egg plate

Supplies Needed

Emoji Easter Egg supplies

How to Make Smiley Face Emoji Easter Eggs

Start by painting the eggs yellow. If you prefer, you can also use yellow dye for this like you would for regular dyed eggs.

Painting eggs yellow

Now, you will use your black and red markers to draw on different smiles.

Add simple smiles and eyes.

Drawing smile on easter egg

Or add on silly faces with a tongue sticking out.

Adding tongue to Emoji egg

Have fun making these and adding them to your Easter baskets.

Winking emoji egg on babies breath

Crafter’s Tip

Once your eggs are done drying, you can put them in egg cups so they stand up and are easy to see in your kids Easter baskets. I really love these little personalized egg cups. They make a great gift to go in their basket, as well as to hold up your painted eggs!

Yield: 1

Easy DIY Smiley Face Emoji Easter Eggs

Easy DIY Smiley Face Emoji Easter Eggs

Add fun to your plain Easter eggs with this easy DIY smiley face emoji Easter egg idea! A super-easy way to add fun to your eggs this Easter.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1



  1. Paint the eggs yellow and then set aside to dry completely;Painting eggs yellow
  2. Now, use your black and red paint pens to add faces to the fronts of the eggs;
  3. Add basic smiles and eyes to your eggs;Drawing smile on easter egg
  4. Make some with hearts for eyes; A heart eyed emoji egg in egg cup
  5. Give others silly smiles with a tongue sticking out; Adding tongue to Emoji egg
  6. Or a smile with a wink. Winking Easter egg Smiling emoji Easter egg on babies breath wreath


Feel free to use plastic eggs and stickers if easier for you!