Verse 41 To grasp something, there have to be the knower (Pramata) the identified (premeyam) and the method of realizing (pramanam) then there’s the triad (triputi)…

Literature is artwork. Poetry is the artwork of the phrase. There are a lot of types of artwork: verbal, sound, plastic, gestural, and so forth. Poetry and literary prose, corresponding to narrative, for instance, are verbal arts.

Poetry is commonly seen as probably the most private and mysterious of literary kinds. Poetry, in truth, helps us to embrace the thriller of life. We are able to speak in regards to the “inside” of poetry

Give it some thought, actuality is what we make it by our habits and what we gravitate towards. All of it works from a better to decrease potential, like electrical energy or vitality actions which have an

The Brazilian poet Mario Quintana is a wanderer of the creativeness. He lives surrounded by questions, for he is aware of that we dwell in a damaged world, that’s, in a “waste land”. On this sense, the

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