What child doesn’t love ladybugs? This adorable upcycled bowl ladybug decoration is so simple to make and requires only a few supplies. This is the perfect craft for kids when working on gardening crafts or learning about

Easter and candy go hand in hand, and this adorable lollipop bunny Easter kids’ craft is a fun way to hand out treats. A simple lollipop is a perfect choice for creating this little bunny decoration and

As the flowers start to bloom, and the weather starts to get warmer, kids get excited to see butterflies dancing around the yard. Keep that excitement alive with this easy butterfly kid’s craft. With minimal supplies needed

I firmly believe that craft sticks are a mom’s best friend. This cute little craft stick bee is the ideal kid’s craft to keep them busy. There is just nothing more fun than seeing your kids get

This adorable cotton swab lamb is a perfect kids craft for spring. I usually see these around Easter, but they are truly great fun and easy craft any time of year. Simple supplies you already have on

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