Colorful Craft Stick Dragonfly Kids Crafts (Video)

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Dragonflies are one of my favorite insects, and this little craft stick dragonfly kids craft is a new favorite idea. Craft sticks are always on hand, so why not use them for fun little projects like this one? There is just something fun about using only a few supplies to create a beautiful little dragonfly to add to your decor. I love that this can slip into a potted plant or be used for pretend playtime with the kids!

Dragonfly craft sticking in a plant

Craft Stick Dragonfly

Nothing makes me happier than to find a simple craft that kids will love to make. Since this one is extremely budget-friendly, that means it’s perfect for when you are short on money and supplies. It’s also super fast to make, so it’s a great project for when you have a limited amount of time.

While my kids don’t do projects like this in school anymore (yay teen years), I remember those days when crafting was a major part of every day. This is a perfect project for teachers, homeschoolers, or daycares. You can use kid-safe glue instead of hot glue and make it a perfect project for them to make during arts and crafts.

Use this as part of a lesson on flying insects, or just a fun part of spring and summer insect studies. No matter why you are making them, they are sure to be a hit with your kids, and with you!

Dragonfly craft sticking in a plant

If your kids like seeing real insects, check out this list of amazing DIY butterfly feeders! So many great ideas that will bring butterflies and dragonflies to your yard!

How Can I Use These After They Are Made?

Dragonflies, like butterflies, are one of those insects that are absolutely beautiful. People love to look at them and kids love to craft them. The question is in what to do with them once you have made them. There are several fun ways to use this project!

  • Use as puppets for pretend play with your kids.
  • Incorporate them into a homeschool lesson on insects (also great for teachers and preschool teachers).
  • Glue a magnet to the back of the craft stick and add them to your refrigerator or another metal surface as a decoration or to hold up papers.
  • Instead of gluing pom poms onto the stick, use markers to draw the colors and then use this as a bookmark.
  • Stick them into a floral bouquet or centerpiece on our table.
  • Add to the sides of potted plants with a bit of hot glue.
  • Use in place of a name tag or bow on gifts.

You could even make this fun little butterfly terrarium and add the dragonfly to the outside as a decoration!

Dragonflly in front of blue balloon

Can I Use Glitter on Construction Paper Instead?

Crafts like these are great because they are inexpensive and use basic crafting materials. While I love the glitter foam that these wings are made from, you can certainly substitute with other crafting materials that you have on hand.

Using colored construction paper will work to make the wings. Paint a thin layer of glue over the construction paper and then sprinkle fine glitter over the glue. You can do the same with any paper you prefer using.

Another option is to add a line of glue and glitter just around the edges of the wings. I’ve even used glitter glue to draw a design onto the wings that will sparkle in the sun. Get creative and do what you feel looks best. Of course, if doing this with kids, let them use their imagination and create the dragonfly they want.

Craft stick dragonfly laying on grass

Can I Use Rhinestones Instead of Pom Poms For the Body?

Just like making the wings, you can use whatever you have on hand. I am using small pom poms on the crafting stick but you can use rhinestones to create the same stunning look. You can also use homemade pom poms, beads, or other small trinkets. This is a place to use your imagination.

I especially love that it is so easy for kids to show their style when making this project. Just make an example for them, then lay out multiple supplies for them to choose from when making their craft stick dragonfly.

Women in teal shirt holding dragonfly craft

Supplies Needed

Craft stick dragonfly supplies

How to Make a Dragonfly Craft Stick

On a craft stick, add one medium pom pom at the top.

Gluing pom pom to craft stick

Next, add 4-5 smaller pom poms below it in a line. You can alternate the colors used here or all one color depending upon your preference.

Gluing pom pom to craft stick

Add googly eyes to the top pom pom.

Gluing googly eyes to pom pom

On a piece of foam paper, draw the outline of a wing.

Fold this paper in half along the bottom of the wing, then cut out the wing shape so that it creates two identical wings when unfolded.

Cutting out wings from foam paper

Place a line of glue down the center of the wings.

Spreading wings out flat on table

Add your craft stick to the wings on the glue in the center.

Gluing craft stick onto foam wingsNow you can add any additional beads, sequins, or glitter then display as desired.

Women in teal shirt holding dragonfly craft

I love adding pretty little things like this to our crafting routine. My craft stick bees are another favorite, but you can get even more creative and add larger projects to your list. Another I love is the recently made upcycled spoon butterfly craft. They are so pretty and super easy to make.

Another fun project that fits this theme is the popsicle stick bird feeder. It’s great to add outside a window to help kids get more familiar with the birds and squirrels that come to your yard. You can also go a bit outside the box with this painted paper roll butterfly craft. Just use your imagination to create some fun projects that fit the theme of dollar store or upcycled items.

Crafter’s Tip

By far, my favorite place to pick up craft supplies is Dollar Tree. I love that they have opened up online ordeirng at Dollar Tree again to make it easy to buy inexpensive craft sticks, glues, beads, foam, and more for making projects like this one!

Yield: 1

Colorful Craft Stick Dragonfly Kids Crafts

Colorful Craft Stick Dragonfly Kids Crafts

Turn craft sticks and pom poms into this colorful craft stick dragonfly kids craft! A perfect easy dollar store craft that everyone can customize!

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1



  1. Add a medium to large pom pom at the top of a craft stick;
  2. Glue 4-5 additional pom poms along the craft stick alternating colors;
  3. Place googly eyes onto the top pom pom;
  4. Draw a wing onto the back of a piece of foam paper, and then fold the paper in half and cut the wing out creating two equal sides;
  5. Unfold the wing and place a line of glue along the center;
  6. Place the craft stick on top of the glue and press to secure;
  7. Add other embellishments if desired then display or add to play time with your kids.


This can be made with larger craft sticks for a variety of sizes and displayed as a dragonfly family.

Finished Project Gallery

Dragonfly craft sticking in a plant

Craft stick dragonfly on green paper

Dragonflly in front of blue balloon

Craft stick dragonfly laying on white table

Craft stick dragonfly laying on grass


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