Gorgeous DIY Birdcage Decoration with Flowers

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Sometimes, inspiration hits and the result is something as adorable as this little DIY birdcage with flowers. No, this isn’t to actually house a live bird, but it is a cute home decor piece that screams spring and summer. This simple idea is made using wooden skewers, some styrofoam, cardboard, and a few colorful flowers and leaves. It’s a great little project for adding beauty to your home.

DIY birdcage on bookshelf

DIY Birdcage

Why buy something basic and plain when you can create it yourself? That’s my motto and that is what I love about this DIY birdcage. You can create the perfect birdcage that fits exactly what you want to use it for. Change the colors; change the style; get creative to get the look you want.

When I was a little girl, we had pet parakeets. No, I wouldn’t use this for an actual living bird, but I love the idea of adding it to a shelf or hanging it from the ceiling and adding a fake bird inside. It just makes me feel better to see a little bird sitting inside the cage! I’ve seen similar designs in craft stores and even in interior design displays, but they are so expensive! There is no need to spend all of that money when you can create something this lovely instead!

You can make this decorative piece to use around the house or even outside, depending upon the supplies used. Guests will love it and will soon be asking you to make one for them. There are so many ways to incorporate this simple birdcage around your home. Plus, you can create different styles and designs easily.

DIY birdcage on table by tulips

What Can I Use This Birdcage For?

There are so many great ways to add this to your home! Of course, it’s definitely one of those easy to display decor pieces. It could be added to many places in your home and can be updated to reflect different styles. Below are a few ideas I had for using this in my home.

  • Add a small succulent inside and sit on a windowsill
  • Place on a bookshelf or floating shelf
  • Use as a centerpiece for your dining table
  • Place on a side table near your couch
  • Use as a wedding decoration or wedding table centerpiece
  • Add fake birds and hang from the ceiling

White birdcage on kitchen counter

Different Ways to Decorate a Homemade Birdcage

When I made this, I went with very simple styles. A basic white base and roof, skewers for bars, and a few artificial flowers on the bars with green floral trim. It is ideal for any space, and truly, one of the easiest projects I’ve made. That said, you can definitely make this more unique by adding a few different things to the decorations.

  • Paint the bars gold or silver so they shine and look more like a real cage
  • Use scrapbook paper to go around the edges of the base and top for a different look
  • Paint the roof any color you prefer and match this around the base
  • Glue artificial birds, dragonflies, or butterflies into the cage base or on the bars
  • Add different flowers to the bars for different seasons like red for Christmas, pastel for spring, bright for summer, or even just fall leaves in fall months
  • Add a line of glue around the roof edge and sprinkle with glitter
  • Hang from the ceiling using colorful ribbon
  • Add streamers of ribbon around the bottom edges of the base to dangle when hung from the ceiling

Bottom of DIY birdcage with purple flowers

If you want real birds to come around, check out this list of DIY birdbaths and these fun DIY bird feeders. Both have tons of great options to bring more life to your garden this year!

Can I Use Sticks Instead of Skewers for the Bars?

If you wanted to make the birdcage look more natural or rustic, replace the skewers or dowels with sticks you gathered from your yard. You’ll just want to use ones similar in size and shape. Then, cut them to the same lengths and glue onto the bases just like you would with the dowels.

I like this idea for fitting into a more rustic decor style. It’s also a great way to add them to an outdoor display. So pretty, easy, and fun to make! Plus, it uses craft supplies that are totally free!

Birdcage by flower pot with yellow background

Supplies Needed

Supplies for birdcage

How to Make a DIY Birdcage

Using a ruler, measure out two identical squares of styrofoam and cut then trim the edges smooth.

Cutting styrofoam

Cut strips of cardboard the height and length of the sides of the styrofoam piece. You will need 4 of these strips.

Gluing cardboard strips on styrofoam base

Glue the cardboard strips in place around the sides of one of the styrofoam pieces.

Gluing cardboard strips on styrofoam base

Now, using the skewers or dowels, create a line of “bars”‘ around the base gluing and sticking them about 1” apart from each other all the way around the styrofoam base.

Placing skewers into styrofoam

On the top of each of the skewers, add a bit of hot glue, and then place the second piece of styrofoam onto these ends securing them in place by pushing the styrofoam down on them gently.

Gluing end of skewers

Attaching roof to birdcage

Cut a roof out of cardboard so that you have two triangle pieces that are the width of the side of the styrofoam base and glue these in place.

Gluing front of roof on cage

You will also cut two rectangle pieces to glue onto those to create a full roof.Add 2 strips on the sides, then glue the side pieces in place.

Gluing roof onto birdcage

Using a cotton ball, rub a small amount of petroleum jelly around the edges where the roof connects and around the corners of the base. This is used to keep the paint from sticking to the cardboard to create a rustic look.

Adding petroleum jelly to edges of cardboard roof

Adding petroleum jelly to edges of cardboard roof

Spray the roof of the birdcage white and then spray around the bottom cardboard edges.

Spray painting roof of birdcage

Once the paint has dried, rub gently with a cotton ball to remove the petroleum jelly and paint from the edges giving the worn rustic look.

Rubbing paint off edges of cage roof

When the paint has dried glue the vine or leaves along the edges and seams of the roof, and around the base of the birdcage.

Gluing ivy on birdcage

Next, glue the flowers along one side of the bottom and going upwards along with one of the skewers toward the top.

Gluing flowers onto birdcage

Once you are satisfied with how it looks you can display.

White birdcage with purple flowers on white surface

I think this would look amazing alongside some of these old book page hanging birds. Of course, you can add them to any shelf. Maybe even next to this floating succulents planter. It’s so pretty and really fits the style of this birdcage. I also love this pretty hexagon popsicle stick shelf. There is just something so special about this simple project. You could also add this next to this decorative hanging shelf.

Crafter’s Tip

If you want to add fake birds to the inside of your cage, I highly recommend purchasing from these suppliers on Etsy. There are tons of stunning artificial birds you can glue in place to make your birdcage look even more realistic.

Yield: 1

Gorgeous DIY Birdcage with Flowers

Gorgeous DIY Birdcage with Flowers

Grab some simple craft supplies to make this absolutely gorgeous DIY birdcage with flowers! It’s such an easy little home decor project you will love!

Active Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $2


  1. Measure and cut out two matching squares of styrofoam; Cutting styrofoam
  2. Cut 6 strips of cardboard the length and height of the side of this styrofoam and set 2 aside for later;
  3. Glue 4 strips of cardboard around the outer edge of the styrofoam base; Gluing cardboard strips on styrofoam base
  4. Add a bit of glue to the bottom of the skewers, and push them down into the styrofoam base creating a line of bars around the outer edges about 1″ apart; Placing skewers into styrofoam
  5. On the top of the skewers, add a drop of glue, then push these down onto the other square of styrofoam; Gluing end of skewers
  6. Once the top is secure, cut out 2 triangles the width of the roof base, and two rectangles the width of the roof base;
  7. Glue the triangles on either end and then the 2 leftover strips of cardboard on the sides; Gluing front of roof on cage
  8. Add the rectangle pieces to the sides sealing on the edges and across the top with glue to form a roof; Gluing roof onto birdcage
  9. Use a cotton ball to rub a bit of petroleum jelly along the seems, this protects these areas from paint to give a rustic appearance; Adding petroleum jelly to edges of cardboard roof
  10. Spray the roof and the edges of the base white and set aside to dry; Spray painting roof of birdcage
  11. Once the paint is dry, use a cotton ball to gently wipe off the excess petroleum jelly leaving a few cardboard patches around the edges for a worn look; Rubbing paint off edges of cage roof
  12. Glue the vine along the seams of the roof, and around the outer edges;
  13. Add a strip of the vine around the base of the birdcage; Gluing ivy on birdcage
  14. Now, using small flowers, add them to one side of the base of the cage, then glued up a single bar toward the roof; Gluing flowers onto birdcage
  15. Once you are satisfied with the appearance, you can display it. Birdcage by wire bicycle with blue background White birdcage on kitchen counter


Add different flowers, birds, butterflies, or dragonflies to the interior of your birdcage if desired.

Finished Project Gallery

DIY birdcage on table by tulips

White birdcage with purple flowers on bookshelf

Birdcage by flower pot with blue background

White birdcage with purple flowers on white surface

Homemade bird cage on grass

Homemade bird cage on grass